VesCoLub offers a comprehensive list of grease types which are all designed to fit your needs:

Polyurea Greases

Grease Poly ALN 2
Grease Poly HT 2-S
Greased Poly HT 2-XS
Grease Poly HT Extra
Grease Poly HT Plus
Grease Poly SC-A
Grease Fluor Hybrid 2

Calcium Sulphonate Greases

Grease CAS 2 Extra
Grease CAS 2 Green
Grease CAS 2 Plus
Grease CAS M 2 Extra
Foodmax Grease CAS M
Foodmax Grease CAS S LS
Foodmax Grease CAS S HS

Aluminium Complex Greases

Inomax H-R
Inomax H-3000
Inomax HM
Inomax M
Inomax R
Foodmax Grease ALU P
Foodmax Grease ALU M
Foodmax Grease ASP 2

Barium Complex Greases

Grease Barium Complex
Grease Barium Complex L 2-S

Bentonite Greases

Grease Inor M
Ceramic Paste

Calcium Greases

Grease Calcium
Grease Calcium Silicon
Grease Calcium LT 2
Grease Bio M 2 WR / Biogrease WR 2
Graphite Grease
Beslux Plex 745

Lithium Complex Greases

Grease Lithium Complex EH 2
Grease Lithium Complex EHG
Grease Lithium Complex EP 2 Blue
Grease Lithium Complex HLM 2
Grease Lithium Complex LT 2
Grease Lithium Complex MX
Grease Lithium Complex S
Grease Lithium Complex S HT
Grease Lithum Complex TFS
Grease Silcon LX 2
Grease Silcon TF

Inorganic Greases

Meissel Paste
Rossil Silpaste 5000
Alu Paste
Copper Paste
Foodmax Grease Clear 2
Foodmax Grease Inor 3H
Foodmax Grease Si 3
Grease Fluor HT
Grease Inor M
Grease MoS2 VHT
Grease OGL
Grapag Compound
Grease PNI
Grease Fluor HTX

Lithium Greases

Grease Lithium MP
Grease Lithium EP
Grease Lithium EC
Grease CGL LS 00
Grease EG 00
Grease Moly EP
Grease MoS2 Extra 2
Grease TF 2
Paste ASLA
Beslux Plex 778A
Grease Special Purpose Plex
Grease Special Purpose TF

Fluorinated Greases / PTFE Greases / PFPE Greases

Grease Fluor H
Grease Fluor HT
Grease Fluor Hybrid 2
Grease Fluor LC 2
Grease Fluor VAC 2
Foodmax Grease Fluor HT 2

VesCoLub BV has an extensive line of specialty greases.

Various industries and applications where high quality grease base fluids and additives are required such as automotive, industrial, marine, mining and agriculture. Important is that the base oil component of the grease must be able to perform various functions. The grease is required to have impecable lubricating properties and good solubility characteristics to enable it to solubilise performance enhancing additives. The base oil should be matched to the thickener system to avoid detrimental effects through solubilisation.

Thickeners create the grease structure and can be an organic acid soap or a high viscosity complex ester. Soaps are typically fibrous and will vary in thickness, length and oil solubility and these variations will be displayed in the final properties of the grease.

Our new greases brochure is available for download here. pdfIcon_PNG

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