VesCoLub BV has an extensive line of products. Each product has its own unique characteristics and application. The products you will find in our program, are all so called ‘specialties’, having a higher performance and efficiency than standard (industrial) products.
The Chemicals product range of VesCoLub contains the following ‘specialties’:
The product range “Performance Chemicals” contains a wide line of specialty chemicals. Speciality “Performance Chemicals” are particular chemical products which provide wide variety of effects on which many industry sectors rely. Speciality chemicals are materials used on the basis of their performance or function. They can be unique molecules or mixtures of molecules. Most speciality chemicals are used in a wide range of every day products used by consumers and industry.
Whether pharmaceutical or technical white oils, both product lines stand for flexible use in the pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetics fields and in a variety of industrial applications.
Pharmaceutical white oils are non-fluorescent, tasteless and odorless products that are used not only in the pharmaceutical and personal care/cosmetics industries, but also in the food industry.
Technical White Oils are neutral and water-clear, which are free from any additives and are almost free from any impurities. They are used in a number of different applications:
Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals  pdfIcon_PNG
Textile and leather  pdfIcon_PNG
Paraffin waxes are complex mixtures of many substances. They mainly consist of saturated hydrocarbons. These crude oil derivatives are purified and refined by modern, environmentally friendly technology (e. g. high pressure hydrogenation).
Sasolwax® is free of harmful substances. All highly refined products are constantly monitored by a stringent quality control and are non-toxic. Their environmental properties are characterised by good biodegradability and non-cumulative effects.
Soft parafine wax  pdfIcon_PNG
Hard parafine wax  pdfIcon_PNG
VesCoLub has a wide range of synthetic hard, high melting waxes by means of the Fischer Tropsch process. These synthetic hydrocarbon waxes are sold under the Sasolwax® trade name.
Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals pdfIcon_PNG
Industrial Coatings pdfIcon_PNG
Technical applications, e. g. rubber, PVC etc. pdfIcon_PNG pdfIcon_PNG
Polishes pdfIcon_PNG
Like most waxes, Fischer-Tropsch waxes are multi-component blends. However, almost no iso – or cyclo-paraffins are formed during the synthesis, which is why the products consist predominantly of saturated n-alkanes. The chemical structure is the crucial factor in determining product characteristics, which are manifested in the features of hardness and crystallinity, and in some cases great brittleness and very limited flexibility. Together with the very high congealing point, the high degree of crystallinity and hardness are the important factors in determining the applications for hard waxes.
General Information: pdfIcon_PNG
Inks pdfIcon_PNG
Hot melt pdfIcon_PNG
Candles pdfIcon_PNG
Along with a huge range of macrocrystalline paraffin waxes Sasol Wax offer a full range of microcrystalline waxes. These microcrystalline waxes are derived from brightstock slackwaxes. Hydrofinished as well as non-hydrofinished products are available for typical applications. Microcrystalline waxes are used in products for:
Food Processing pdfIcon_PNG
Packaging  pdfIcon_PNG
Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals  pdfIcon_PNG
Technical applications, e. g. rubber, PVC etc.  pdfIcon_PNG
Candle industry  pdfIcon_PNG
Blending  pdfIcon_PNG
We supply both white and yellow pharmaceutical petroleum jellies for use in personal care, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. Technical petroleum jellies are available in a variety of colors for numerous industrial applications. Whether technical or pharmaceutical: both product groups are subject to the highest quality requirements, compliance with which is strictly controlled.
Cosmetics and pharmaceutical  pdfIcon_PNG
Industrial coatings  pdfIcon_PNG
Textile and leather  pdfIcon_PNG
Inks  pdfIcon_PNG
Range of well balanced and stabilized homogeneous aqueous dispersions of carefully selected wax and oil blends. Wax emulsions have been specially formulated and produced to assist customers who do not have the required emulsification equipment.
Insulation  pdfIcon_PNG
Industrial Coating  pdfIcon_PNG
Construction  pdfIcon_PNG
Timber Industry
This product group contains extremely soft and flexible micro waxes with a relatively high oil content. Produced to specification, these materials are available in hydro finished as well as non-hydro finished quality for a multitude of typical applications:
Food Processing  pdfIcon_PNG
Packaging  pdfIcon_PNG
Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals  pdfIcon_PNG
Technical applications, e. g. rubber, PVC etc.  pdfIcon_PNG
Candle industry  pdfIcon_PNGpdfIcon_PNG
Blending  pdfIcon_PNG
We offer slack waxes for many different applications. Due to our widespread sources of raw material we are able to meet almost any specification of our customers and to develop products according to their requirements. We can offer every product also in a hydrotreated version if required.

VesCoLub offers and impressive range of Silicone Products like:
– Fluids
– Emulsions
– Anti-Foams
– Pastes and Greases
– Silicone Rubbers (RTV / HTV)
These products are in use for many applications:
– Food Processing
– Packaging
– Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
– Technical applications, e.g. rubber, PVC, etc.
– Coatings
– Construction
– Automotive
– Lubricants and many more

– MEG / MPG blends for Heat and Cooling Transfer.
– PEG (pharma) / Polyethylene Glycols pharma grade
– Engine Coolants

– Cleaners for Industrial, Household, Automotive and Marine purposes.
– Car Polishes