VesCoLub BV is a young and dynamic supplier of specialty oil products, which are developed and produced with high care and modern technology. Since the start in 2003 VesCoLub became an important supplier of Innovative Oil Products.

We offer you a wide range of products, which are products inextricably linked to:
–  Product Development
–  Production
–  Prevention
–  Maintenance
Our special composed product line is giving you the possibility to obtain a wide range of products at one single address.
VesCoLub BV collaborate very closely with specialised producers of oil products, which all developed high quality products for special applications and extreme requirements.


Hywax is the leading specialist for natural and synthetic paraffin wax as well as wax-related products. Hywax products are supplied world-wide into many different markets and are used in a diversity of applications. Paraffin wax is the major raw material for the production of candles but also has many other applications in industries such as rubber & tires, chipboard, food – processing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, synthetics, inks paints & coatings, textiles as well as in roadworks and many others. Hywax has production sites and offices on all around the world.


Matrix Specialty Lubricants is a company based in The Netherlands, producing and marketing specialty lubricants and greases. Matrix Specialty Lubricants was created by a nucleus of industry specialists with a collective experience of many years working for major oil companies. Their vision is to harness new technology and with the expertise of their chemists provide the correct lubricant for each application. It is just a matter of knowledge.

VesCoLub BV is not just a supplier; VesCoLub BV is your partner who stands for full service, high quality and efficiency. Let us be your guide in your search for the right Base Oils, Raw Materials,  Lubricants, Maintenance products, Release Agents and / or Silicones Product. Do you have any questions or remarks about our products, company or website? Please feel free to contact us by completing our form by clicking below.
Our company presentation is available for download here: pdfIcon_PNG